Undergraduate Juried Exhibition allows for student self-expression

Leah Martino, Contributing Writer

Walking into the Carroll Gallery on the second floor of the Woldenberg Art Center, you are welcomed with a warm, bright light. The light feels like an indicator of the new talent and inspiring energy you will experience when taking in the creations of your peers. 

The Undergraduate Juried Exhibition opened on Nov. 6 and closes on Nov. 22. Sponsored by the Newcomb Art Department, the exhibit is an opportunity for any undergraduate student obtaining a four-year degree to have their work displayed by the university and possibly win a cash prize. Students could submit any medium of art with the parameters set by the department to “express yourself.” 

Making my way around the gallery, I was taken aback by the professional quality of pieces

Leah Martino | Contributing Photographer
Junior Photography student Elana Bush photos displayed at exhibit

hanging on the walls. The two-photo series by senior photography student Sarah Olcott, titled “I wanna feel electric,” features vibrant colors, distorted images and broken walls. Olcott captured what it means to lose control and the inhuman need to let go. I could hear the EDM bass pounding in my head as I was looking at the photos. I was transported to an underground rave in Ibiza, covered in sweat, dancing in the heat of the moment. The images told a story of life and living. 

Through the glass sculptures and video displays, I saw two photos taken by junior photography student Elana Bush, respectively titled “LICk mE uNtiL iCe cREaM” and “Creamshot.” Both set on a bouncy castle, with a nude model covered in ice cream, the photos were certainly eye-catching and thought-provoking pieces. The sexual innuendos of the names of the photos paired with the whimsical and bright background gave a sex-positive spin on female pleasure and sexuality. It was refreshing as a woman to see something that is normally shrouded in heavy stigma presented in such a light-hearted and coy manner. 

Don’t miss out on seeing the impressive work that Tulane students have to offer. Make sure to check out the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition at the Carroll Gallery before the end of the month.

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