Brockhampton’s heavenly performance amazes audience at the Fillmore

Czars Trinidad, Senior Staff Writer

Brockhampton amazed the Fillmore crowd with its highly animated performance and infectious energy this past Sunday. Having visited The Boot Bar and Grill the night before, the self-proclaimed “best boy band since One Direction” returned to New Orleans for its Heaven Belongs to You Tour a little over a year after their last stop in the city.

100 Gecs and Slowthai, the concert’s openers, both gave dynamic performances, warming up the crowd for the nearly religious experience to come.

Opening with “St. Percy” from their latest album, Brockhampton’s leader, Kevin Abstract, appeared on stage rapping while three crosses of light suspended in the air pulsed in tune to the beat of the music. One by one, when it was time for the other members’ verses, the members joined Abstract on stage.

Following its opening song, the group maintained the energy of the theater with other fast-paced songs such as “Zipper” and “Boy Bye,” inciting the crowd to jump and mosh and yell along to match the hype.

Known for their versatility in music, the collective showed their softer side with their performance of “Bleach,” a more emotional song featuring slower-paced rapping and soulful singing before transitioning into “Gold,” an older song to which many of the fans in the crowd easily sang along.

During each song, the members, especially Merlyn, danced around on stage, showcasing their personalities as well as their passion to perform. Their abilities to interact with the audience through their motions and eye contact while performing also added to their personable stage presence.

Throughout the night, many members of the audience yelled for the group to perform “New Orleans,” the first song off their “Iridescence” album. Leaving the stage after their second-to-last song, Abstract reappeared quickly to reassure the crowd that they would, in fact, be performing the crowd’s request.

Before finishing the show with the fiery “New Orleans,” Abstract mentioned that this was the first time they performed the song on this tour. He asked the crowd if they should appear on stage one-by-one, similar to how they perform in the music video, to which he received enthusiastic affirmations.

On brand with the religious undertones of their latest album, “Ginger,” the collective’s performance, music and stage created a night of fervor, delivering an unforgettable show to the Fillmore crowd.

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