Arcade’s guide to finals season

The Hullabaloo knows how stressful finals season can be. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you through these trying times. 

Ashley Chen, Production Manager 

Replace coffee and chips with cold fruit. The natural sugar replenishes your energy in a healthier way, and the coolness will help you stay alert without giving you the jitters!

Sanjali De Silva, Editor-in-Chief 

Take advantage of free food and study materials across campus! Howie-T, Tower and Crescent and other offices around campus hold finals events where you can stock up on study snacks. Save yourself that chilly trek to Provisions. 

Josh Axelrod, Views Editor 

Treat yourself! Don’t just slog endlessly from exam to paper to exam. Plan some self-care time in between all the studying. Pencil in time to see a movie or grab lunch with a friend so you have something to look forward to and keep your morale afloat.

Cecilia Hammond | Senior Staff Artist

Lauren Duncan, Chief Copy Editor

Head to the library early in the morning during finals week to grab a highly sought after cubicle. If you weren’t given a specific list of material for the exam, rewrite your notes by hand neatly — this helps put the semester’s material into perspective.

Colin Threlkeld, Managing Editor

If you have to write a paper or study on your computer, use the Self Control app to “blacklist” sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube that distract you. You can set the amount of time you want them to be blocked on your computer to give yourself some focused time to get work done.

Campbell Lutz, Digital Director

Focus on the intensity of your study sessions rather than the time. Spending one hour without any distractions is more productive and often more enjoyable than several hours distracted by social media, friends, food, etc. Separate your study time from your rest time you don’t want work on your mind while you’re trying to recuperate. 


Julia Ferro, Personnel Director 

If you are writing a research paper, have a separate document where you outline each one of your source’s key points along with the page number. Once you have gathered enough information, you can copy and paste the information from one document into your final paper. It not only helps save time, but having to type out the facts from each source helps you better understand them. 

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