Student Org Spotlight: Phi Sigma Pi promotes inclusivity, offers academic focus


Courtesy of Phi Sigma Pi - Gamma Tau Chapter

Phi Sigma Pi is a gender-inclusive honor fraternity that focuses on scholarship, leadership and fellowship.

Charlotte Block, News Associate

Phi Sigma Pi, founded on the core values of scholarship, leadership and fellowship, is a nationally recognized honor fraternity dedicated to lifelong friendships through community service. Gender-inclusive and open to students of all majors, Phi Sigma Pi’s chapter at Tulane was established in 1997 and has since developed a strong sense of membership within their chapter.

According to President Bridgett Condon, one of the greatest benefits of joining this organization is the opportunity to meet an academically driven and diverse group of students. 

“I feel like it’s a very unique organization on campus— I don’t know anything else quite like it because it doesn’t have a specific focus [academically],” Condon said. “It’s a place where people with diverse backgrounds can come together with similar interests in mind, similar goals, and work together.  It’s fairly small so you get to know everyone really well.” 

Phi Sigma Pi offers social events to its members including trivia nights, formals, date parties, movie nights and occasionally group outings. 

“We host maybe three to four events in a week- in a good week,” Condon said. “We try to have lots of events. My favorite scholarship event is called Brother Ted Talk—you just read a presentation about something that interests you and present it to your brothers and teach them about your topic.”

Beginning in 2015, Phi Sigma Pi National entered a philanthropic partnership with Hugh O’Brian Leadership. This partnership “foster[s] a relationship of volunteerism, service and support.” “We usually work with HOBY through HOBY Hugs and write letters to children in hospitals,” Condon said. 

 Scholarship Chair Alex Twiford mentions that Phi Sigma Pi offers a great social outlet outside the classroom. “It’s been a great experience,” Twiford said. “I go to a lot of the events so I’ve always found moments of laughter and moments of joy being around a great group of people. If you’re a motivated student and want to meet a diverse group of people that’s very inclusive then Phi Sigma Pi is the place for you.” 

Phi Sigma Pi offers recruitment in the spring semester. Prospective new members must possess a 3.0 GPA.

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