‘Quarantunes’: Arcade’s playlist for the pandemic

Haley Soares, Arcade Editor

What good is an apocalypse without a killer soundtrack to accompany it? While it may not actually be the end of the world (yet), we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create the perfect playlist to guide you through these tumultuous times. 

Hanson Dai | Art Director


Let’s face it, quarantine has probably resulted in more screen time than you might typically indulge in. Whether you’re glued to the news updates on your Facebook feed or picking fights with strangers on Twitter,  TSLAMP, which stands for “Time Spent Looking At My Phone,” is incredibly relevant to the current state of things.

“Life During Wartime” by The Talking Heads

In times of crisis, David Byrne is a beacon of shining light. “Life During Wartime” is more than just an incredible song to dance to. It hits on a few all-too-familiar notes in its lyrics, from stockpiling groceries to quarantine hair crises — yeah, I’m looking at all of you who have decided to give yourself bangs over the past few weeks. 

“Time” by Pink Floyd

Time itself seems to fluctuate violently between dragging on f o r e v e r and ceasing to exist completely. Especially now that we are left without the structure of walking to A-quad for our 10 a.m., it’s easy for our conceptions of time to become skewed. Maybe you just need the cacophony of clock noises in this Pink Floyd classic to remind you. PRO TIP: make your very own Laser Floyd show in your room at 4 o’clock in the morning with some help from your phone flashlight.

“In My Room” by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys were way ahead of their time, with this tune hitting particularly close to home now that we are all forced to be cooped up within the confines of our own rooms. But let’s all look at it the way good old Brian Wilson did: your bedroom is a place to escape all of the worries and fears of the world outside. 

Don’t miss out on the full experience! Check out the full playlist here.

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