Hull Poll: Here’s what our seniors think graduation should look like


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It used to go like this: The sun will rise in the east, and come May, seniors will walk across the stage after months of anticipation and receive their diploma. Your instagram feed will be filled with sorority girls chugging André while blocking a street car. You’ll receive a stole from an organization whose meetings you attended only once freshman year. These were the constants of the universe. But coronavirus has made sure that no matter what happens, graduation will look very different than it has in previous years.  

The Hullabaloo’s seniors theorize (and dream!) about what graduation will look like for them:

Shahamat Uddin, Intersections Editor

Cramming three months of missed Tulane memories in one weekend.

Lauren Duncan, Chief Copy Editor

I hope to join in a celebration alongside a jazzy second line, a great many glitzy umbrellas, and my Class of 2020 peers. If we could have Barack Obama as a commencement speaker, that’d be cool, too.

Colin Threkeld, Managing Editor

I’d just like not having to sit outside in 98% humidity for 3 hours. Everything else is negotiable.

Cam Lutz, Digital Director

I hope graduation will give the Class of 2020 the chance to come together one last time, be thankful for all of our shared experiences and the things we’ve learned, and say goodbye to the great institution of Tulane.

Josh Axelrod, Staff Reporter

I think we should hold graduation the day after Mardi Gras so the class of 2020 has an excuse to come back for one last party.

Julia Ferro, Personnel Director

If there was ever a sign that graduation should be in the Superdome instead of Yulman, this is it. Just kidding! As long as I get to be reunited with my friends in New Orleans one last time, I’ll be happy.

Ink Berko, Staff Reporter

As long as it’s not outdoors at Yulman in the Louisiana heat, graduation could be in an AOL chatroom and I’d be fine with it.

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