Quarantine fashion trends: Upcycling clothes

Avery Anderson, Arcade Editor

Ashley Chen | Production Manager

Getting tired of your wardrobe? Not sure what to do with those middle school t-shirts? Give your clothes a second wind with these upcycling how-tos! From embroidering your jeans to tie-dyeing t-shirts, Arcade has tips to give your clothes a fresh and personal touch.


Are you a fan of delicate flowers and funky shapes? Try embroidery! All you need to get started is a needle, embroidery floss and an embroidery hoop. Fasten the hoop to the clothing you want to embroider, thread your needle, trace out your pattern and get started! Embroidery is great for covering holes and adding a dainty finish to otherwise boring pieces.


60s fashion is coming back, and an easy way to channel that in your modern wardrobe is through tie-dye! All you need is a shirt, rubber bands, dye and a bucket, all of which can be bought at your local craft store or ordered online. First, fold your shirt and fasten it with rubber bands. Then, mix up your dye and start dyeing! Use whichever colors you want to create fun combinations and patterns. Leave the dye to soak in, wash and wear!

Reverse Tie-Dye—With Bleach

Though this technique is similar to standard tie-dyeing, it requires fewer materials and creates a grungier look. All you need is a dark t-shirt, rubber bands and bleach spray. Fold the shirt, secure it with bands and spray with bleach in your bathtub or outside. Let the bleach soak in, unfold and wash.

DIY Raw Hem

Raw-hemmed jeans and shorts are very on-trend right now. DIY the look with these easy steps! All you need is fabric scissors and a laundry setup. Decide how short you want the jeans and cut off the hem. Afterward, wash and dry them for an effortless fray.

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