Student Affairs releases regulations for meetings, events


Harrison Thorn, Senior staff writer

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Liz Schafer, director of fraternity and sorority programs, and Greg Feiling, associate director for programming at the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, sent out an email to the presidents and advisers of student organizations Wednesday outlining the regulations their organizations will be required to follow. As expected, gathering sizes will be limited, and masks and social distancing will be required.

Organization meetings and events will be limited to 25 attendees indoors and 50 outdoors. This mirrors Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s current regulations for the city of New Orleans. 

Student Affairs emphasized that space reserved for organization gatherings will be limited. “Of course the University’s first priority is to provide space for academic purposes, and therefore many spaces traditionally used for events will be instead be used for classroom instruction,” Schafer and Feiling said. 

The spaces remaining for meetings and events will be limited to 50% capacity for those gatherings. Social distancing of six feet is required at all times during meetings and events.

In order to be effective at contact-tracing, attendance of all gatherings must be taken and a record must be kept for at least 21 days. If possible, organizations should use WaveSync to track attendance. 

Additionally, only individually wrapped food will be allowed at these events. No self-served food or buffets will be allowed. 

Events, defined by the regulations as “a gathering that meets any of the following criteria: is open to people outside of the [Recognized Student Organization] or department, includes alcohol, is held off-campus, is sponsored by more than one RSO, or is co-sponsored with a department,” must be registered on WaveSync three weeks in advance. 

These rules apply to university departments as well. 

The Activities Expo will look different this year, taking place virtually in multiple Zoom rooms rather than in person. It will take place Sept. 6 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Organizations can register here and must register by Sept. 2. 

For organizations that travel, overnight excursions are prohibited, as is any travel over 40 miles away from campus.

The email also laid out more specific rules for club sports and vocal performances. 

The only club sports that will operate during the fall semester are “non-contact outdoor sports including sailing, canoeing, running, biking, lap swimming, tennis, golf, archery, curling, volleyball, softball and baseball,” the email said. Spectators must practice social distancing of six feet. Coaches must wear masks and will not be allowed to make physical contact with their athletes. 

For vocal performances, social distancing of 13 feet will be required between performers, conductors and directors. 

Contact Feiling and Schafer with any questions. Feiling can be reached at [email protected] and Schafer can be reached at [email protected].

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