Preparing for the hurricanes: Advice from a New Orleanian


Cullen Fagan | Senior Staff Photographer

Neighborhood surrounding Tulane’s campus during Hurricane Barry last summer

Maiya Tate, Staff Writer

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Living in New Orleans my whole life means that I’ve been through my fair share of hurricanes. Right now, Hurricane Marco is expected to hit land by Monday, and Tropical Storm Laura is expected to hit within 48 hours of Marco’s initial landfall. New Orleans and Tulane have released multiple statements for students and residents during this time on how to prepare for the incoming storms, and on how to make sure you, your friends and your family are as safe as possible. 

Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statement regarding the hurricane at noon today on WWLTV urging residents to be safe and prepare for flooding, saying that this will “primarily be a water event due to storm surge and flooding … due to rainfall and river flooding, the river can’t discharge and empty and drain so long as the storm surge is building up.” In his statement, Edwards also urged that emergency kits be equipped with two face coverings per person, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes and sprays in addition to traditional emergency items.

Tulane University President Michael Fitts has already sent an email that says classes will be moved online due to severe weather predictions, and Dean of Students Erica Woodley has sent an email saying on-campus students will be sheltering in place in their respective residence halls. Please keep in mind that although students will be sheltering in place, COVID-19 is still a present and very real threat. This means that we must still adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines that Tulane has set and practice social distancing, face coverings and other safety protocols. Also keep in mind that Tulane is still under a high priority period, especially in this state of emergency. Woodley highlights this in her email, saying “The resources of both Tulane and the City of New Orleans will be focused on preparing and responding to storm-related issues. For this reason, consequences for bad behavior during this time are more significant.”  

As for reliable sources for news and updates, The Hullabaloo will be continuing updates as much as we can. From my personal experience living in this city my whole life, please try not rely on national weather coverage when it comes to these local hurricanes. The best source of weather coverage and updates you will have will be from local news stations such as WWLTV and WDSU. If you need supplies such as bottled water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, etc., I recommend going out to purchase that today, as the City of New Orleans recommends today as the last day to go out and get supplies that you will need if flooding or weather becomes too harsh.

Please remember that just being a Category 1 does not diminish the damage that Marco can cause. Do not underestimate a hurricane. Be prepared regardless and take the necessary steps you need to be safe during this time.

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