Event Spotlight: Art for Art’s Sake

Hannah May-Powers, Arcade Editor

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This year, Art for Art’s Sake is week-long festival. From Oct. 3 through 10, people can visit some of their favorite places on Magazine Street while enjoying the art scene.

It would be impossible to quantify the cultural impact that the city of New Orleans has had on artists. Not only does the city inspire artists who live here, but plenty of artists from around the world acknowledge the influence that New Orleans has had both on their work and in their personal lives. One important way that the city acknowledges its place in the cultural imagination of artists across the globe is with Art for Art’s Sake.

Art for Art’s Sake is looking a little different this year. The event, which has been a staple in New Orleans’ art scene for years, starts on Oct. 3 and will continue through Oct. 10. This represents a stark change in how the event occurred in the past, when the festivities only took place on one night.

Though this change was a logistical necessity, it is also beneficial for New Orleanians who would have otherwise been unable to attend because of the previous time constraints. Just like in years past, attendees will have the opportunity to explore Magazine Street while enjoying discounts from some of their favorite places in the city, all while enjoying the art and scenery around them.

As anyone who has visited the area knows, Magazine Street is a playground for a myriad of restaurants, clothing stores, art galleries, record shops and more. Art for Art’s Sake allows these businesses to shine while also promoting a sense of community throughout the greater New Orleans area by encouraging people to support some of their favorite stores in a night of fun and relaxation.

Artists and art lovers alike will have the chance to show their appreciation for the creative industries that help to define the city.

For a complete list of vendors and participants, visit Magazine Street’s Facebook and website.

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