Recipes to try this fall season

Meredith Abdelnour, Arcade Editor

As the fall season kicks off, food is an essential part of getting into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re tired of The Commons, miss home-cooked meals or just want to channel your inner chef, these easy and delicious fall recipes will be sure to leave you satisfied and in the fall spirit! 

fall recipes to try with an image of a pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice Latte just not cutting it anymore? Try some of these recipes to get you into the fall spirit! (Emma Vaughters)

Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin dip might not be the first pumpkin-themed dish you think of when you think of fall foods, but this creamy dip offers a reimagined and delicious way to look at the fall staple. After mixing together cream cheese, canned pumpkin, and brown sugar, add some cinnamon and maple sugar. Continue until the mixture is smooth, and then serve chilled with apple slices or cinnamon pita chips.

Cranberry Sauce

This Thanksgiving staple is a classic for a reason— cranberry sauce is a delicious, tangy addition to a variety of foods. Simply cook cranberries, sugar, and water together in a saucepan on low heat until the sugar dissolves and the cranberries are soft, then increase the heat to medium and wait for the cranberries to burst. If you’re feeling fancy, add some lemon or orange zest for flavor. The dish is versatile, and can be served with turkey, tofu, or even mashed potatoes. Cranberry sauce is also always a delicious way to revamp a basic sandwich.

Enchilada Soup

As the days get chillier— or slightly less hot, as is the case here in New Orleans— you might want to curl up with a bowl of nice warm soup. While there are many different soup recipes for fall, this enchilada soup incorporates many delicious ingredients and can be customized based on what you have in your kitchen. Begin by sauteing onions and garlic, then add vegetable or chicken broth, cumin, red enchilada sauce and a chicken breast if you’d like. Next, shred the chicken and add it back into the soup, and add black beans, corn, and salsa for taste. Finish by topping your warm soup with avocado, cilantro, sour cream or whatever toppings you can think of! This recipe might be a bit more difficult, but the product is definitely worth it. 

Baked Cinnamon Apples

This healthy treat will satisfy your sweet tooth while still being nutritious. Take your favorite apples, slice them, and lay them in a baking pan. In a separate bowl, mix together water, butter, flour and cornstarch, then add brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Bake for about 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Take out of the oven and enjoy!

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