Letter from the Editor: Black History Month at The Hullabaloo

Haley Soares, Editor-in-Chief

This Thursday, I am writing to you from our newsroom to introduce this year’s Black History Month issue of The Tulane Hullabaloo. 

Four years ago, The Hullabaloo published its first Black History Month issue. Of course, no single issue, or four for that matter, can sufficiently honor the contributions that Black community members have made at Tulane and in New Orleans. The Black History Month issue serves both as an opportunity to highlight Black narratives, art and excellence, as well as a reminder for our community that these contributions deserve to be at the forefront of our minds into March and beyond. 

This February, we are celebrating milestones, such as the first Black editor-in-chief of the Tulane Law Review. This issue spotlights Black talent in a variety of mediums, such as literary fiction and film, as well as a back page showcasing Black student artists. Our featured front page story highlights the experiences of Black community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universities like Tulane and news organizations like The Hullabaloo have historically silenced Black voices, and not given Black artists and writers the credit or platforms they deserve. Tulanians, at a predominantly white institution in a majority Black city, perpetuate these systems by ignoring and undervaluing Blackness inside and outside our institution. This is a disservice both to the city and our community, particularly Black students, staff and faculty at Tulane. 

The Black History Month issue celebrates Black excellence in the Tulane and New Orleans community, but recognition of the contributions of our Black community members and consistent efforts to elevate and give platform to Black voices must continue year round. 

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