Crane on Bruff construction site sparks meme account


Daisy Rymer

Crane on Bruff construction site

Mercedes Ohlen, Staff Reporter

Following the ongoing construction project for two new student dormitories on the former site of the Bruff Commons, Tulane students have taken a liking to the large red crane on the site. 

An Instagram page called @tu.crane has gained popularity amongst students. On the page, followers can submit their own pictures of the crane and comment on its majesty. The instagram page has recently hit 1,000 followers and its popularity has resulted in crane-themed merchandise such as stickers and hoodies. 

Mike Strecker, executive director of public relations, said that Tulane’s administration was unaware of the affinity towards the crane and the resulting Instagram page. 

“What’s not to love about a piece of construction equipment?” Strecker said. “In these challenging times, anything that can bring joy to students and others is positive. I am sure the crane would say the same thing if it could talk.”

Sophomore Charles Tyndal says that he believes the crane is bringing the student body together during a time when it must be apart. 

I think it’s a really fun way of the community putting a fun spin on the massive construction going on and rather than getting annoyed by it we can make jokes and appreciate the nicer things about it,” Tyndal said. “I feel like it’s had such a positive reaction because it’s funny to overly admire the traditionally mundane.”

Other students, such as sophomore Nivetha Kumar, find the crane adds something to the campus on an aesthetic level as well.

“I think it adds something to the skyline which is good,” Kumar said.

The crane will be removed when the two new student residence halls are completed. The dorms are scheduled to be operational for the fall of 2022

“Parting is such sweet sorrow, but there are likely some who may not actually be sad to see the campus and crane part ways,” Strecker said.

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