Students elect first all-female USG executive board

Domenic Mesa, News Editor

The Undergraduate Student Government Executive Board election concluded Friday, March 19, after a runoff vote between the two front-runners for president, Mia Harris and Jamie Roa. The preliminary vote concluded with Jamie Roa receiving 794 votes, Mia Harris receiving 688 votes, Bennett Lasater receiving 249 votes and Leah Stoo receiving 65 votes. According to the bylaws for USG elections, since Roa did not receive more than 50% of the vote, this triggered a run-off election between the two candidates with the most votes. 

Roa received 764 votes, winning the run-off election for USG President. Harris received 667 votes. 

Candidates running for vice president for student life concluded with a run-off election as well. Candidates Holly Steinberg and DaSean Spencer vied for this position. Steinberg won the run-off election with 745 votes, securing this position.

Olivia Mullaney won executive vice president uncontested. Peyton Friedlander won vice president for student organizations uncontested. Drew Lopez won vice president for academic affairs against Nel Ganguli with 851 votes. Alexa Authorlee won vice president for finance against Koustubh Pareek with 1031 votes.

“I’m super excited,” current USG president Adolfo Garcia said. “I’m sure the election was stressful. It reminded me of my election last year. I’m confident that Jamie, the vice president — everyone — will do a great job.”

Infractions were posted following the election. Stoo was cited for campaigning in university Facebook groups and premature public campaigning. Spencer was cited for a misleading claim.

This will be the first all-female executive board in Tulane’s history. 

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