Revibe makes its debut as Tulane’s newest dating app

Caroline Latta, Staff Reporter

Courtesy of the Revibe team

Last Wednesday, Revibe, a new dating app, launched at Tulane. It was founded by two Tulane alumni, Austin Doukas and Haley Fradkin. 

“[Doukas and Fradkin] are Tulane alumni which is why they wanted to bring the app to our school first to get a feel for how it is working. They both are helpful and want to help us because we are fellow Tulane students,” Melody Li, a student intern for Revibe, said. “[Doukas and Fradkin] have a bunch of Tulane students helping with the launch, and my role is to spread the word through social media, help come up with marketing materials, I made the poster for the event at The Boot, and just general help with the app.”

Revibe is trying to rebrand what dating apps look like by including a feature where you can search for various categories in order to customize your dating app experience.

“The special thing about Revibe is that there is a search feature for what you are exactly looking for. [Doukas and Fradkin] realize that they wanted to cater to a lot of specific interests for people who know what they are looking for,” Li said. “You can search people up individually, you can search people up by hometowns, by fraternities, by where they went to high school, by specific interests. There are so many different categories, and you can just look for people in these specific categories and whomever you want to go on a date with. That is what is so innovative about Revibe.”

Last Wednesday, April 14, Revibe had its official launch event at The Boot Bar and Grill. 

“For our launch event, we were at The Boot from 5 to 9. We were giving out free drink tickets to users who had downloaded the app, created a profile, and followed us on Instagram at @letsrevibe. You had to be 21 and over to attend, and we gave out free triple well drinks which was really fun. We had a little table that was set up there all day. There were free stickers, the sun was out, it was really fun,” said Li.

As of now, Revibe is only available for Tulane students, but in the future, they hope to expand farther. 

“We did our first official launch, and they are hoping to see how downloads and user experience is here and hopefully expand from that. It is currently available on the app store, but we just recently had our official launch last week,” Li said.

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