Holly’s Declassified Tulane Survival Guide

Holly Haney, Contributing Reporter

Maggie Pasterz

Tulane University Class of 2025, I am going to level with you here. I started at Tulane in the fall of 2019 and for several unprecedented reasons I refuse to get into, no two semesters have looked the same. However, I have some tips to help make your freshman year at Tulane one to remember.!

1. Howard Tilton Memorial Library, or Howie T as you’ll often hear it called, and Tilton Memorial Hall are different buildings on opposite sides of campus. The first one is the library right by the Commons, the other is on A Quad right before you cross St. Charles Avenue. Richardson Building, Caroline Richardson and Richardson Memorial are also different buildings.! Is this needlessly confusing? Yes, absolutely, but we didn’t name these buildings, so check your schedule before you head to class to make sure you know where you’re going.

2. It’s a lot harder to eat a balanced diet at college than you think. I’m not saying to exclusively eat salads or go on some kind of ridiculous diet and work out regimen instead of exploring the wonderful world of New Orleans cuisine, but be mindful and try your best when you can, whatever that looks like for you. If you have any questions, Tulane has nutritionists on staff you can schedule appointments with through Campus Health.

3. On the topic of food in New Orleans, I am sure you’re aware there are some seriously amazing restaurants. Like, seriously amazing. While getting out of the “Tulane bubble” is fantastic and exciting, odds are you don’t have a car on campus and going far from campus super regularly gets expensive — especially when the Saints play at home. Luckily, there are plenty of great restaurants within a couple of miles from campus. Walk down Freret, Maple and even Magazine to check out what’s close! Personally, I am a huge fan of Dat Dog on Freret, Ba Chi on Maple, Empanola on Freret and Jazmine Café on South Carrollton!

4. Set aside a certain time or day to “decrust” your space. I am definitely guilty of letting my space get way messier than is acceptable by any standard, but a clean room can do wonders for stress levels and mental health as a whole. Again, I want to emphasize I am not saying to completely decontaminate your room to hospital standards once a week — unless that’s your vibe, in which case rock on — but organizing every now and then when you have time does wonders. Keeping a relatively clean space that you feel comfortable in is crucial for keeping focus up and spirits high.!

5. Just like cleaning up, pick a day to do your laundry. I wouldn’t recommend Sunday night — the laundry room will be full and getting it done is impossible. The more random the day, the better. When in doubt, wash it cold because trust me you will not want to do a ton of loads. Make sure to set a timer for a few minutes before the cycle ends. Most people will wait a few minutes after it ends, but after that don’t be surprised if you find someone taking your wet laundry out and moving it elsewhere. Consider yourself warned.

6. It rains here with heavy frequency and little to no warning. Keep at the very least an umbrella in your backpack. I would also recommend getting a protective case for your laptop to prevent any water damage, as well as waterproof shoes and a rain jacket.

7. Don’t get into a situationship with someone who uses Snapchat as their primary mode of communication. Why do they only want to communicate with you through a service that reports your location and doesn’t save messages? You deserve better.

8. As a genuine piece of advice, you know to be safe and smart when you go out. Your Resident Advisors and Wave Leaders have given you the phone numbers and contact information for every possible resource to make sure you are safe and healthy. Under normal circumstances, a hospital would be able to treat you, but due to the surge of cases, that might not be a possibility. So please be especially mindful and smart about your choices.

Your first semester at Tulane is always one to remember. I hope with these tips and through your own unique experience you have a great time and learn a lot along the way. Best of luck class of 2025 and Roll, Wave!

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