COVID-19 booster offers extra protection against variants

Mackenzie Bookamer, News Editor

syringe with covid spikes and vile
Booster shots provide added protection against COVID-19.

On Aug. 19, Tulane University students, faculty and staff received a Campus Health update regarding booster shots for the COVID-19 Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The acquisition of these booster shots comes from the recent uptake of COVID-19 cases — particularly in Louisiana — due to the delta variant.

“The booster shot, as the name implies, provides a ‘boost’ in immunity to COVID-19 in vaccinated individuals,” Scott Tims, assistant vice president of Campus Health, said. “The need for a booster is not unusual for vaccines of this type. The early research shows increased protection from COVID-19 and its variants.”

Per the update from Campus Health, individuals who are immunocompromised are eligible to receive the booster shot. These individuals, however, should still consult their medical team to decide if the booster shot is right for them. 

“We expect other groups will be eligible in the coming weeks,” Tims said. 

Although the booster shots provide extra protection against COVID-19, Tulane’s current protocol and safety measures to the pandemic will stay in place. These safety measures include wearing masks indoors — regardless of vaccination status — and having routine COVID-19 testing for Tulane students, faculty and staff.

“Everyone, regardless of vaccine or booster status, should continue to wear masks indoors, limit their exposures to large groups outside their ‘pod’ or family grouping, and practice good personal hygiene,” Tims said. 

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