Tulane announces new date for in-person instruction

Zachary Schultz, Breaking News Editor

Tulane University announced that the return to in-person instruction, which had been disrupted at the outset of the fall semester due to widespread power outages in the wake of Hurricane Ida, has been moved two weeks earlier than the initial date projected. The readjusted schedule has students returning to campus for in-person instruction on Sept. 27, a departure from the initial date of Oct. 11. 

President Mike Fitts announced in an emailed statement that students will return to instruction online on Sept. 13, which remains unchanged from the initial notice sent in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and then transition to in-person instruction after fall break. The revised schedule has online instruction ending on Sept. 22, as Sept. 23-26 has been designated as fall break. Students will return from fall break to in-person instruction on Sept. 27.

Since the new return-to-campus date has been moved up by two weeks, Fitts noted that emergency funds would be made available for students who would incur additional financial expenses to return to New Orleans by Sept. 27. Further, Fitts noted that professors should not penalize students for difficulties with returning to campus by the new date and allowed instructors to continue online until Oct. 11 if needed.

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