Tulane bars see increase in drugging allegations

Mackenzie Bookamer, News Editor

Tulane University Police Department and Loyola University Police Department, in conjunction with the New Orleans Police Department, recently responded to allegations of drugging incidents at bars in close proximity to the college campuses.

drugging allegations
Popular bar T.J. Quill’s was raided after facing drugging allegations. (Wikimedia Commons)

Following reports of students alleging they had been unknowingly drugged at TJ Quill’s the weekend of Sept. 27, the bar was raided on Oct. 1. NOPD, LUPD and TUPD raided the bar with approximately 200 people inside. This was the first concrete step taken to address the uptick in drugging reports.  

On Oct. 1, TUPD responded to a medical emergency involving alcohol. They reported that the subject “had consumed approximately 6 mixed drinks at TJ Quill’s [and] believes she was drugged at the location because she felt different than normal.” 

Both Tulane and Loyola sent emails to students urging them to practice caution when going out to bars and to report any suspicious activities to the respective police departments. 

“We are concerned that students, particularly minors, may have been served illegal substances without their knowledge or consent, putting them in danger,” Loyola Director of Police Todd Warren said. 

Warren included a list of common symptoms of being drugged for students to look out for such as loss of muscle control, feeling unusually drunk for the number of drinks consumed, nausea and breathing problems. 

Tulane University Chief of Police Kirk Bouyelas stressed to students that they should seek medical treatment immediately if someone is suspected of being drugged. There are medical amnesty policies in place to prevent additional punishment for underage drinking.

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