Louis the Child reigns over Republic

Chloe Cristian, Staff Reporter [email protected]

At electronic music concerts, with several openers and late hours, it’s easy to lose steam without effective sets. Louis the Child and Quinn XCII, however, were up to the challenge last weekend.

The Chicago-based music duo, Louis the Child, performed Nov. 4 at Republic New Orleans. Prior to the group’s arrival, musical artist Quinn XCII opened. Known for his hit single, “Kings of Summer”, Quinn XCII got the crowd swaying and moving to the upbeat tempo of his voice. Performing with the accompaniment of a background disk jockey, Quinn XCII used red-colored visuals to enhance his portion of the show.

Singing “Full Circle” and “Stung”, Quinn XCII combined an electronic beat with soothing vocals. By the time he closed, the crowd was amplified enough for the arrival of Louis the Child at 1:30 a.m.

The duo instantly electrified the crowd, performing classic hits as well as past Soundcloud-released tunes. Specializing in the electronic music genre, the duo succeeded at creating both a hardcore-dancing atmosphere, but also a calmer one as well. The audience embraced hits such as “It’s Strange” and “Weekend”, as well its newly released single “Fire”.

Even though the duo is not on tour to promote any specific album, Louis the Child demonstrated a great commitment to its developing presence in the electronic music community.

Following the footsteps of Flume, Louis the Child performed with dramatic background visuals such as strong blue hues and saturated lighting.

The intimate atmosphere housed a packed crowd, with tickets selling out only hours before the performance. During the stronger house music sets, the duo got on top of the DJ booth as they encouraged the audience to “get loud and wild.” Wearing casual t-shirts and baseball caps, the young duo could have easily blended in with the college crowd atmosphere.

Some lucky Tulane students even stuck around the show and were able to meet the duo, and remarked on their calm and relaxed persona.

“They were just chill dudes,” sophomore Hunter Berman said. “Not only did they kill their set, but hanging with them for a couple minutes after made it feel more like a genuine experience.”

Louis the Child finished the set with the Bee’s Knees remix of “It’s Strange”. The remix had both the crowd and performers engage wildly, in support of the exciting and unique electronic sound. 

Hype for the show left many Tulane students seeking tickets last-minute and the high-energy set was certainly worth the search. 

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