What to do this Halloweekend in New Orleans

Holly Haney, Associate Arcade Editor

Halloween Graphics
Vampire, Witch, Frankenstein Stickers (Gabe Darley)

Spooky Season is upon us. With midterms winding down and the temperature finally starting to drop, fall and Halloween are in the air. This is easily my favorite time of year in the city; the decorations, the spirit, and all the fun events around town make Halloween in New Orleans such a special time with so much to do. Without further ado, here are some of my suggestions for making your NOLA Halloween one to remember. 

  1. Be prepared for any weather. My freshman year, Halloween night hit below 50 degrees. I clearly remember shivering in the cold and being so confused, as the day before had been a sweltering 85. 

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the temperature in New Orleans this time of year is beyond chaotic so always check the weather before you go out. 

I’m not your mom, so I’m not going to necessarily say to bring a jacket, but at least be aware of what kind of temperature you’ll be in before you head out. 

  1. One of my favorite things I’ve ever done for Halloween was take a walking Ghost Tour in the French Quarter with my friends. It was about an 1.5 hours of notably haunted buildings, hotels and restaurants in the Quarter. It’s a fun way to spend Halloween in the city and learn a lot about the history and what makes New Orleans such a unique place to be. 

They also offer cemetery tours of St. Louis No. 1 and other cemeteries which require a guide. These tours are another great way to learn about the history of the city, Voodoo, Jazz and the reason why so many of the tombs are above ground.  

  1. If you’re looking for something a little closer to campus, there’s tons of spooky stuff within walking distance. Check out the infamous Skeleton House right on Saint Charles Avenue. Skeletal versions of iconic figures, like our very own President Mike Fitts, cover the lawn and provide for a fun photo op and a funny way to celebrate the season. 

If you haven’t quite gotten your costume in order, never fear! Magazine Street has loads of costume shops. Uptown Costume and Dancewear is known for having a wide variety of costume supplies. 

  1. Another popular Halloween activity is going to the Frenchman Street Party in the Quarter. The popular Halloween party spot for locals and tourists alike is known for its jazz clubs and bars. 

The eight-block street turns into a packed block party every Halloween night full of people in their costumes. It’s a lot of fun, but watch your surroundings. It’s not uncommon to lose your phone, wallet or other important items during the festivities.  

  1. Regardless of what your plans are for Halloween night, please be careful. Halloween is such a fun night, but that fun can come with possible dangers. Please look out for yourself and your friends when you’re out. 

If there’s an emergency and you’re within a mile of campus, please call Tulane Emergency Medical Services at 504-865-5911.

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