USG discusses plan to restructure after election controversy

Lily Mae Lazarus, Managing Editor

In March 2021, several executives of Tulane University’s Undergraduate Student Government resigned following allegations of anti-Blackness in the organization during a Senate session. Other Black members of USG shared negative experiences from their time in office including then-Senator DaSean Spencer, who ran for vice president of student life and lost to Holly Steinberg.

Here's the latest from Tulane USG.
Gabe Darley

Spencer read a statement explaining the election process’ negative impact on his health. Among the issues raised by Spencer, he cited the weaponization of election infractions during the 2021 USG elections. Infractions filed against Spencer alleged sexism and deception, and many of these claims were determined to be unfounded by USG’s Awards and Elections Committee. 

In response to the resignations and personal testimonies, USG suspended its infraction form on WaveSync pending review and said they would contact USG candidates affected by the student elections. Members also said USG would look into rewriting the organization’s bylaws. 

On Oct. 26, USG convened for the fifth Senate session during which Laura Osteen, assistant vice president of student life,  and Student Engagement Advocate Reagan McKinney discussed a plan to review the organization’s structure and refocus USG to better serve the student body. According to Osteen and McKinney, reconstructing USG includes closely examining the issues brought forth during the 2021 elections.

Osteen and McKinney said that the restructuring process will “make changes that will affect the USG for years to come.” They relayed that information regarding the plan to evolve USG will be shared to all students to ensure transparency. 

USG President Jamie Roa also announced the appointment of Spencer to vice president of student life, the position he ran for in 2021 but did not receive. Among his first orders of business, Spencer plans to host a debate between Tulane College Democrats and Turning Point USA.

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