In Earshot: Not insufferable holiday songs

Grace Pearson-Thompson, Arcade Editor

As iconic as Mariah Carey is, and as timeless as her smash hit  “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is, I can only listen to it so many times. It feels like every time I walk into a pharmacy or a craft store during the month of December — I’m eternally sick, and I need hobbies, not sorry — there’s an 80% chance that “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber will be playing. 

I love older holiday songs, like Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song,” but sometimes I need something different. If you’re a holiday enthusiast but can’t stand those staple hits in holiday pop, here are some recommendations that’ll get you roasting chestnuts on an open fire. 

two queens in a king sized bed” — girl in red

girl in red, patron saint of music for gay women, delivered with this soft song complete with bells and twinkles characteristic of any Christmas song. 

Christmas Song” —  Phoebe Bridgers 

Bridgers’ songs always have a hauntingly sweet air about them — this one is no exception. Her light voice dances on harmonies and soft piano in “Christmas Song.” 

White Winter Hymnal” — Fleet Foxes 

This has become a classic winter song in my book. Fleet Foxes stacks harmonies on top of a folky guitar and a tambourine to create a sweet, wistful staple. 

Christmas” — marinelli 

A truly indie Christmas song, marinelli keeps it upbeat with an acoustic guitar and a kick drum. While the lyrics get dreary — “I just wanna to be alone for Christmas” — it’s a great listen. 

A Dreamer’s Holiday” — Julien Baker 

Julien Baker uses delicate fingerstyle guitar before a horns section enters to deliver a holiday song of fantasizing and longing. 

baby jesus is nobody’s baby now” — Julia Jacklin 

Opening with heartbroken strumming of an acoustic guitar, Julia Jacklin writes an emotionally-charged masterpiece about missing home and her family as wildfires spread through Australia. 

Every Holiday” — Mt. Joy 

While Mt. Joy opens this song with a saddening line — “every holiday, I feel that depression” — it’s a thoughtfully written piece with delicate piano and a brass instrumental. 

Hallelujah” — HAIM 

HAIM, a three-piece band of Jewish sisters, is known for beautifully arranged, intelligently written songs. “Hallelujah” is simple but deeply impactful. 

Love To Keep Me Warm” — Laufey, dodie 

This gorgeous piece opens with romantic piano and leads into a jazzy song, like much of Laufey’s discography. Complete with dodie’s sweet, soft voice, “Love To Keep Me Warm” is perfect for a holiday dinner party. 

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