Five consecutive wins for women’s basketball

Layla Reese, Contributing Reporter

Parker Waters

Tulane University women’s basketball team continues their winning streak of five consecutive wins in a row, going 16-7 on the season. The Green Wave has five games left in their successful season. 

The Green Wave kicked off one of their wins with a victory against Tougaloo College on Feb. 2, scoring over twice as much as the Bulldogs, 97-43, in New Orleans. In each quarter, the Green Wave led with more than twice as many points as the Bulldogs, leading to a strong win. 

Moon Ursin led with 18 points, while Krystal Freeman put 14 points on the board. Mia Heide led with the most rebounds for the night at 11. The Green Wave defense had a strong influence on this win, with a field goal percentage of 45.2% compared to the Bulldogs had a mere 20.8%. 

Previously in their season, the Green Wave were defeated by the University of South Florida on Jan. 12 at a score of 75-62, but they took the win on Feb. 6 against USF at 67-55 in their home court in Tampa, Florida. Ursin led scoring with 18, while Dynah Jones scored 13 points. Freeman also had the most rebounds for the night at 11 and also recorded a double-double in rebounds and points. The Green Wave defense left the Bulls limited in their 3-point percentage at 7.4% while the Green Wave dominated at a 3-point percentage of 20% for this game.

Tulane women’s basketball also took the win against the University of Memphis at a close score of 76-74 on Feb. 10 in Memphis, Tennessee. Freeman led this night’s win at an impressive 28 points with also the most rebounds at nine. Arsula Clark also contributed with 16 points. Although the Bulls had the highest free throws percentage at 83.3%, the Green Wave dominated in field goals percentage, as well as a 3-point percentage at 48.1 % and 47.1%, while the Bulls had 35.8% and 26.1% in field goals and 3-point percentage. 

Tulane then returned home to face the University of Cincinnati, defeating the Bearcats 80-56. Ursin led the Green Wave in two categories with an 18-point, 10-rebound double-double. The Green Wave shot an impressive even 50% from the floor and a stellar 44.4% from behind the arc. Defensively, Tulane limited the Bearcats from having a similar shooting performance, shutting Cincinnati down and allowing just 29.2% shooting overall. With the win, Tulane now has a five-game win streak

Tulane will be back on the road on Feb. 16 to face the University of Tulsa at 6:30 p.m. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulane University women’s basketball is still No. 4 in the American Athletic Conference, with hopes to finish the season victoriously.  

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