TUCP brings comedian Chris Redd to Tulane

Abe Messing, Staff Writer

Chris Redd of “Saturday Night Live” visited Tulane’s McAlister Auditorium to perform one of the first shows on his tour. Opener Matty Ryan primed everyone for what was to come with a great set. 

Ryan fondly recounted his last visit to New Orleans with a story of how he and his friends helped a drunk man into a cab with an unknown destination. After talking about doing mushrooms in a museum, the impertinence of researchers digging up mummies in Egypt and his suspicion of whale’s tiny eyes, Ryan took aim at Lunchables, likening them to what a German pervert would think an American snack might be. With the crowd excited and in complete agreement, Ryan reintroduced Redd. 

Redd was quick to thank the audience for coming and for “not giving a f–-” about COVID-19. Although jokes about his height, among others, consistently landed, his most memorable bits came from interacting with the crowd. His inquiry about one student’s post-graduation plans struck a chord with the audience. The student, majoring in finance, didn’t sound confident enough in their answer, so Redd told them to say it again with their chest. Adding a meek bit of flair by adding “b––” to the end of their answer, Redd mocked the reply for the rest of his set.

Senior Lucy Sartor, comedy chair of Tulane University Campus Programming, was happy with how the show turned out. “We had a really great turnout. It’s always great for students to have an opportunity to relieve whatever tension is in their daily lives on campus,” Sartor said. “He did a lot of awesome bits with students which were fun, and he didn’t cross any lines.”

Redd’s appearance on campus was made possible by TUCP, which brings all sorts of performances to Tulane. 

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