TUPD reports drugging at fraternity house

Olivia Warren, Associate News Editor

Josh Jessiman

On Friday, a female student reported an incident of “substance-facilitated assault” at a fraternity party, according to the Tulane University Police Department.

The victim told TUPD that she took a drink offered to her by an unknown male. She was at a fraternity house party at 835 Broadway Street, the address of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. 

The victim said the drink tasted salty and made her feel sick. When she noticed she was experiencing signs of drugging, she left the party and reported the incident to TUPD. 

TUPD described the suspect as a white male.

Drugging at fraternity parties is a recurring issue in fraternity culture across the country. For example, on Nov. 9, Cornell University suspended all fraternity social events after one student reported sexual assault and four students reported drugging at fraternity parties. 

In 2021, there was an increase in reported drugging incidents at bars near the Tulane campus. 

On Nov. 17, 2021, 500 Tulane students protested sexual violence and the lack of action by Tulane’s administration.

The 2017 Tulane Climate Assessment revealed that “41% of undergraduate women reported experiencing sexual assault since enrolling at Tulane.” 

Medical amnesty policies exist to prevent additional punishment for underage drinking when the subject is in need of medical assistance.

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