Tegan and Sara create atmosphere of support, connect with crowd

Tyler Mead, Senior Staff Reporter [email protected]

Seeing Tegan and Sara live for the “Love You to Death” tour was an experience years in the making.

The Canadian duo delivered everything a fan could hope for. They rocked The Joy Theater to its core from the start, with the powerhouse that was their opener, Torres, whose punk sensibilities harkened back to Tegan and Sara’s older sounds. The complimentary nature of this sound only amped up an already buzzing audience.

Tegan and Sara’s arrival on stage coincided with waves of energy from the crowd. The hot pink stage lights against matching leather jackets had the audience ready for its head rush into the set list, which predominantly included their more electric, ’80s sound from “Heartthrob,” and their latest album “Love You to Death.”

What’s more impressive, they set the tone for this concert with a song off their album, “The Con,” which was released in 2007. Instead of the original folksy vibe from that album, they instead opted for a revision of their song “Back in Your Head” with the same synth-driven beats as their newer work behind it. They revisited several songs from their past with this kind of touch-up, which tied it into the high energy of their more recent releases.

They also clearly kept in mind what the fans wanted and paused halfway through the set to bring out an acoustic guitar, and play the songs they felt should be preserved the way fans first heard them. This mini-set included “The Con,” “Nineteen” and “Call it Off.” They even brought out an electric guitar to pull off their more punk-classic “Northshore.”

This attention to the audience’s desires also reflects in their stage presence. They came out calm, and as they felt the crowd’s energy grow, theirs did as well. The breaks got filled in with antics that bordered on a traveling comedy act — whether they were trying desperately to make seated balcony audience members get on their feet, teasing complacent security or ripping on each other for forgetting words, they kept things light.

Before the final piece of their encore performance, Tegan and Sara stopped once again to address the crowd. They professed their love for their fans, and connected with the audience, inspiring positive feelings throughout the show, from start to finish.