Drip Affogato Bar brings Italian dessert to New Orleans


The dessert bar is located in the Central Business District a block away from the Ace Hotel.

Erica Goldish, Staff Reporter

Just a few steps away from the Ace Hotel’s hotspot rooftop pool, on the corner of Girod and Carondelet streets, there is a new place where the dreams of coffee and ice cream lovers come true. 

The sleek and bright space of the new Drip Affogato Bar offers a fun atmosphere to grab a dessert with friends and, admittedly, take one sweet Instagram picture.

For those ignorant of the affogato, prepare to be amazed. From the Italian word for “drowned,” the combination of dessert and beverage is composed of ice cream and a selection of toppings, with a shot of espresso poured over the dish to complete the flavorful dessert. As an example, the tiramisu affogato comes with two scoops of coffee ice cream, coco powder and two biscotti with a shot of espresso.


Joseph Kim | Staff Photographer

The ice cream is delicious likely because it comes from Creole Creamery (another reason to go). The affogato bar offers alternative flavors for people less fond of coffee, as well as a matcha affogato option. There are also seasonal specials, such as the pumpkin spice affogato.

The separate elements of an affogato are also on the menu. Customers less inclined to mix business with pleasure can buy Creole Creamery ice cream, plain coffee and tea drinks, as ridiculous as that sounds.

At a price point of $9, the dessert falls on the more expensive side, but it is worth it to go for the atmosphere and experience. The staff was very friendly, and the tables offer a nice view out onto the street.

For anybody content with spending a bit more money for the sake of a unique and fancy treat, Drip Affogato Bar is a welcome addition to the city’s array outlandish food options. 

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