Rounds balances sports, business


Graduate student Josh Rounds created his company “The Screen Doctor” two years ago as a side business to make money during the school year. Rounds tends to his business, his schoolwork, and his positions as one of the Green Wave’s leading rushers.

Susan Fanelli, Sports Editor

A person’s life may be in their phone, but when something like a cracked screen or broken battery occurs many students feel dazed and confused. 

For many Tulane students suffering from these problems, Josh Rounds has an answer.

Rounds is a graduate student who, aside from keeping up with his courses, is a running back for the football team and runs his very own side business. Aptly named “The Screen Doctor,” Rounds’ business repairs cracked screens, broken batteries and water damage on most Apple products.

“Being an athlete is tough,” Rounds said. “I needed something that was going to allow me to make money as well as balance my academics and athletics without taking too much time away.”

Rounds created the business in 2014 as a way to make more money during his busy school year. He partially credits the creation of the The Screen Doctor to the Tulane business school. Through the A.B. Freeman School of Business, Rounds was able to register his business’s name through the state of Louisiana, and it is officially recognized by the state. As a business management major with a minor in marketing, Rounds gains experience in running his own company through the school.

“The [business school] has helped a lot with my business and my ideas,” Rounds said. “Just allowing me to think as far as a business person… especially learning how to manage myself and manage money.”

According to The Screen Doctor’s Facebook page, a phone screen can be repaired in less than 30 minutes, making service quick and affordable. Rounds personally stated that after two years of his business, he can now repair phones much faster—up to five phones in an hour.

While most of The Screen Doctor’s business comes from students, Rounds also cites organizations outside Tulane, such as Crescent Title on Maple Street, as a source of income.

This season, Tulane football has been relying on the running game, and Rounds plays heavily into that strategy. With 299 yards and four touchdowns through only six games, Rounds is a vital part of the Green Wave offense. In a similar way, Rounds’ teammates are vital to The Screen Doctor, as word of Rounds’ business is passed from his teammates to Tulane students throughout their classes. Rounds will give ownership of The Screen Doctor to one of this teammates when he graduates this spring.

“I’ve been evaluating my teammates and seeing who’s been showing the most interest and who wants to actually continue it,” Rounds said.

As Rounds continues to balance academics, athletics and his business, he leaves behind a large success rate. On The Screen Doctor Facebook page, nine people have reviewed Round’s services. Each reviewer has given him five stars, praising his speed and service.

“The customer is the most important; you want to do your best to add value to the customer,” Rounds said. “Anyone can do this business, but the person that stands out is the one that trusts you. People use their phone 24/7 now, so they want to give it to someone they trust. Someone they know is going to fix it right.”

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