‘Angry Wave’ logo makes comeback

Jake Brennan, Staff Reporter

The symbol of Tulane Athletics’ glory days is back with hopes that it can become emblematic of a bright future.

Tulane athletic director Troy Dannen announced at the beginning of the summer that the “Angry Wave,” which was initially adopted in 1964, would return as the secondary logo for Green Wave athletics.

The mark will be featured prominently on uniforms and social media. Most importantly, there will be a two-story-tall “Angry Wave” built to sit atop the scoreboard in Yulman Stadium.

Kern Studios president and CEO Barry Kern presented the idea to Dannen. Many will recognize Kern Studios as the designer and execution team of nearly all Mardi Gras floats, as well as the home of Mardi Gras World.

Dannen believes that connection is essential to employing one of Tulane’s greatest assets: the city of New Orleans.

“Part of what we want to do is celebrate the culture of the city that we are in, and that Mardi Gras World connection helps us celebrate that,” Dannen said.

The two-story-tall Angry Wave will weigh more than 2,400 pounds and is being built by a team led by Kern Studios artist Alex Sherrod.

The team will use a seven-axis robotic arm, which follows its computer-generated, 3-D model design to create the statue out of gigantic pieces of Styrofoam with exceptional precision.

“We are really excited because there isn’t going to be anything else like it,” Sherrod said.

The Angry Wave’s sheer size and design are not the only things that should interest Green Wave football fans.

“This project is going to interact with the crowd and the student section in certain ways during certain events that happen throughout the game,” Sherrod said. “It’s going to be a spectacle within a spectacle.”

Tulane Athletics has decided to use the resources at its disposal to fully embrace the culture of New Orleans and the spirit of Mardi Gras, all while harkening back to a more successful time in its history. 

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