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Emma Brons

Eli Anders

Associated Student Body President Eli Anders is not just concerned with Tulane Undergraduate life; he is the voice of the entire student body, graduate students included. A universal issue Anders plans to tackle this year is on-campus smoking. “We’re really working on going totally smoke-free,” Anders said. “I think it’s a really good investment that Tulane can make for quality of life.” He is also hoping to work on student satisfaction.



Michael Lewis

Since returning from Washington, D.C. after a summer lobbying Congress to renew a low federal student loan rate, Undergraduate Student Government President Michael Lewis has some fresh ideas for the Tulane Campus. The USG was instrumental in developing the anticipated Uptown Business District shuttle, but improvements don’t stop there. “We’re looking to develop a bike sharing program on campus,” Lewis said. “I [want to] do something fun for the Super Bowl.” Lewis wants people to know they can come to him with questions and concerns.



Sam Lichtveld

Senior Sam Lichtveld, President of the Interfraternal Council, will oversee the delegates from the fraternities during meetings and act as the go-between for the administration and the organizations this year. He’s also planning something new: pre-rush. “It’s like a preview, almost,” Lichtveld said. He hopes the pledges will have an easier time getting to know current members, as opposed to a process based on first impressions. Lichtveld said collaboration between organizations is imperative. “The main purpose is to bring unity to the fraternities,” Lichtveld said. “I’m really excited to see what the freshmen bring, as a class, to the Greek community.”



Savannah Tally

PanHellenic president Savannah Tally has a message for new students: “Go Greek,” Tally said. “The Greek community is great. It’s not something to be intimidated by. We’re very supportive of one another.” This year, freshmen will have even more opportunities to join a sorority. “Zeta, a new sorority, is coming on this spring,” Tally said. “They’re colonizing, so they’ll start advertising in the fall.” For those not participating in Greek life, there are still many opportunities to enjoy its benefits. Mark Elliot, who will speak on tolerance, will be visiting the campus in September.



Michael Eisenstatt

As head of the Community Action Council of Tulane University Students, Tulane’s volunteer resource council for students and organizations, Michael Eisenstatt is working to make volunteering easier for students to access. “Thanks to USG, we got a budget increase, so we can do a lot more programming,” Eisenstatt said. This increase will show in this year’s Outreach Tulane. “Outreach Tulane is going to be the best one yet,” Eisenstatt said. “There will be a huge after party celebration at A.L. Davis Park in Central City.” Other programming includes various advocacy weeks raising awareness on different issues.



Marianna Brady

Serving as interim president of Tulane University Campus Programming was a surprise to Marianna Brady, who was originally elected as the vice president of programming last spring. This change, however, has not disadvantaged the group in charge of creating campus programming. “TUCP plans the concerts and the speakers, brings the comedians, shows and the movies,” Brady said. “We make it fun. We bring the energy.” Plans for this year include Whitest Kids U Know on Aug. 30, as well as many Tulane After Dark events, which are designed as alternatives to the bar scene. To make this school years’ programming even better, Brady wants student input. “We want people to come to our meetings,” Brady said. “We want people to join our committees and we want to know what the students want to see on campus.”

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