Playlist 10/20/16: Class Commute

Erica Goldish, Staff Reporter

When walking to class, go-to music tends to be any pump-up jams or songs that provide a good beat. The music playing during a trip to class, the library or a favorite study spot sets the mood and, let’s be honest, the music can make any mundane walk feel much cooler. After countless hours of scrutinizing and picking apart playlists and artists, the perfect playlist for any sort of walk has been created.  

Sometimes, the right choice is a good Chance The Rapper song with lyrics to sing along with and a killer rhythm. Maybe the walk calls for some Drake, for those wanting to run through the six with their woes all the way to that dreaded math class with the monotone teacher. Anderson Paak is great motivation for finishing homework, for the sake of jamming to his song “Come Down” upon completion. As ironic as it may be, listening to the song “Walk With Me” by Cosmo’s Midnight featuring Kučka, while literally walking to class just feels right. What an honor. 

Though the playlist features many fast-paced songs, Josh Tillman, also known as Father John Misty, does make an appearance. His song “Real Love Baby” is a slower-paced melody that creates a happy mood even if some of the lyrics are a little out there (focus on the beat, people). The new San Cisco song “B Side” is also a more chill choice with a cheerful feel. Sporting 23 songs, this playlist is guaranteed to improve any commute to class.

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