Rooney to perform new album in New Orleans show

Sam Ergina, Arcade Editor

After years of wondering where indie pop-rock band Rooney went missing, the group is back with new members and a new album.

Lead singer-songwriter Robert Schwartzman and the rest of the newly-resurrected Rooney will perform on Oct. 15 at One Eyed Jacks with openers Royal Teeth and Swimming with Bears. The tour promotes the band’s newest album, “Washed Away,” released earlier this year.

Originally created in 1999 by a group of high school friends, the Los Angeles natives always possessed an upbeat sound and style reflecting the constant sunshine of Southern California. This newest album develops the older Rooney sound with a more synthetic style, differentiating it from its previous project, “Eureka,” in 2010.

Unlike the majority of music groups whose identity is linked to its members, Rooney roots itself in its sound. That’s why Schwartzman decided to bring the name back. The music created between Schwartzman and accompanying musicians Taylor Johnson on guitar, Joel Plotnik on drums and a host of other musicians who perform alongside the frontman emanate an evolved sound that the singer-songwriter felt belonged to Rooney. 

While the majority of those involved with Rooney today are not the same as the band members behind past hits like “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” and “I Can’t Get Enough,” it would be a surprise if the band stuck exclusively to tracks from “Washed Away.” Old and new Rooney fans alike are bound to enjoy the band’s full repertoire. 

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