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Nadeen Saqer

New Orleans company called Theodent launched its namesakeproduct, a new toothpaste, Jan. 2. The toothpaste was developed byDoctor Tetsuo Nakamoto, who did his doctoral thesis at TulaneUniversity.

Unlike most toothpastes, Theodent contains Rennou, a naturalsubstitute to fluoride that is derived from cocoa extract.

Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto, professor at Louisiana State UniversityHealth Sciences Center and co-founder of Theodent, originallydiscovered the extract while studying the effects of caffeine onpre-natal teeth in the 1980s. Doctor Arman Sadeghpour, co-founder,CEO and President of Theodent, researched the effects of theextract with Nakamoto discovered that Rennou strengthens enamelwhile working on his thesis.

They acquired three different patents for the product andlaunched its release through the Bioinnovation Center in NewOrleans.

Sadeghpour said that the toothpaste can be found in Whole Foodsand on the Theodent website,

Theodent is a groundbreaking innovation in the dental field.

“There has been no innovation in toothpaste for over 100 years,”Sadeghpour said. “Rennou is the patented alternative totoothpaste.”

The founders wanted to keep the company and technology in NewOrleans to allow for further innovation, especially after HurricaneKatrina.

“It’s encouraging that Tulane has brought about these types ofresearch opportunities,” freshman Eric Fagan said. “I’m planning ondoing research, so it’s great.”

This toothpaste uses all natural products instead offluoride.

“I think this is a very important movement in the rightdirection,” freshman Mariana Altman said.


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