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Sheri Balsam

The After-School Newcomb Tutoring Program has enjoyed muchsuccess since its launch in Jan. 2011.

Children in grades 2 to 8 come to Newcomb Tuesday and Wednesdayevenings, where Tulane students help them do homework and study fortests. The program serves 40 children in the area and provides a1-1 ratio of students to tutors.

Senior and head supervisor of ANT Maddy Puckett created theprogram.

“When I was a freshman, it was hard to get involved right awaywith campus activities, but this program, located right on campus,makes it easier for students to become connected to the community,”Puckett said.

Puckett presented her idea to the Community Action Council ofTulane University Students, who agreed to provide a small budget,enough for some supplies to aid with the tutoring process. She thenwent to various schools in the area to speak with their principals,who enthusiastically facilitated the program.

“I’ve been participating in the program for two semesters sofar, and honestly, it has been my favorite form of volunteer workhere at Tulane,” senior Gage Rodriguez said. “Even though this wasmy first time tutoring younger students, the program’s one-on-oneapproach allowed me to quickly catch on and connect with mystudent, which has really benefited both of us.”

ANT supervisors continually receive positive feedback fromparents.

“After the Tulane tutoring program funded by Tulane, ended,parents were really appreciative of this program because it offersone of the only free outlets for tutoring in the area,” Puckettsaid. “I’ve seen tutors become role models for kids, and serve as amentor and a system of support, all while building a relationshipand confidence!”

Student enjoy volunteering at ANT because it is a way to helpout in the community without a large time commitment.

“The time commitment is small so it has never interfered with myown studies, and being able to help my student improve his gradesalong the way has been a very rewarding experience,” Rodriguezsaid. “I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for anenjoyable way to help out the local community.”

Students believe they are making a difference byvolunteering.

“I really think these one-on-one sessions help them get thatextra attention they need,” senior Sarah Kaplan said. “I reallylove the program because I get to make a difference and help kidsdo well in school!”


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