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Alessandro Powell

This semester Tulane students can find an alternative totraditional study spots like Howard-Tilton Memorial Library andPJ’s Coffee on Willow Street in the new $36,102 Computer Lab inSuite G02 in the basement of the Lavin-Bernick Center.

The computer lab opened Jan. 23 and is stocked with new PCs anda printing kiosk. Its subterranean location promises users a quietwork environment.

The Computer Lab stays open seven days a week. Vice Presidentfor Student Affairs Mike Hogg will extend the hours in the event ofincreased student interest.

Hogg and Undergraduate Student Government President Evan Nicollworked to create the computer lab.

“[The lab is] really convenient [and has] really great hours,”Nicoll said.

He appreciates the garden view and freedom from the clutter ofPJ’s Coffee.

Hogg has advertised the computer lab on signs in the LBC, in TheHullabaloo and through the on-campus monitors. Despite thisadvertising, attendance has been sparse.

“Right now, at night especially, not many students are usingit,” Nicoll said.

Hogg hopes word of mouth will help increase studentinterest.

“I wish Tulane could do a better job of letting us know whenthings are happening,” Sophomore Mike Imburgio said. “I feel lotsof things things happen that are really cool, that I’m paying forwith my tuition, but I never know when or where.”

Freshmen Kevin Tang said he saw a sign in the LBC and decided tovisit.

“It’s so much quieter,” Tang said. “It isn’t like the librarywhere there’s never a free computer.”


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