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Brian Robinowitz

The NFL postseason is four weeks away, and several divisionraces will likely come down to the wire. Here’s breakdown of eachrace, division-by-division.

NFC East: This division has been one of the most confusing thisyear, but in the end, either the Dallas Cowboys (7-5) or the NewYork Giants (6-6) will emerge on top, as the pair has two gamesremaining against each other. Whoever can win these games willlikely win the division.

NFC North: The Green Bay Packers have been dominant this season,with a perfect 12-0 record to prove it. They have already clinchedthe division and are a serious threat to win the Super Bowl.

NFC South: Currently, the New Orleans Saints (9-3) have a 2-gamelead over the Atlanta Falcons (7-5) for first place. The Falconshave one game left this season to beat the Saints and must win thatgame to have a chance at the division title. The Saints, however,have a weak schedule ahead of them and will most likely win thedivision.

NFC West: At 10-2, the San Francisco 49ers have the divisiontitle all locked up. Though this division has been particularlyweak, the 49ers are looking quite impressive behind the legs ofFrank Gore and their stellar defense.

NFC Wild Card: The two teams who will receive the wild cardspots in the NFC are the second-place team of the NFC East, eitherthe Cowboys or the Giants, and the Falcons. Two 7-5 candidates, theChicago Bears and the Detroit Lions, have lost their stars andmomentum respectively and have hurt their chances of making theplayoffs.

AFC East: The New England Patriots are 9-3 and have beaten theonly other contender in their division twice, the New York Jets(7-5). Though the Patriots have not done much in the postseason inrecent years, anything can happen in this hard-fought division.

AFC North: This division is the toughest and most competitive inthe NFL. The Baltimore Ravens (9-3) have beaten their rivals thePittsburgh Steelers in both tries this year. Couple these wins witha very easy schedule ahead of them, and the AFC North is theRavens’ to lose.

AFC South: Despite losing their starting quarterback and theirbackup quarterback for the remainder of the season, the HoustonTexans (9-3) still lead this division. They have one of thestrongest running back duos in football with Arian Foster and BenTate. Though the Tennessee Titans (7-5) now have Chris Johnsonalmost back to his old self, they will not be hard-pressed to makeup lost ground.

AFC West: This division is tied with the Denver Broncos and theOakland Raiders, who both have a 7-5 record. The Broncos are 6-1since Tim Tebow took over at quarterback and are currently on afive-game winning streak. The Raiders have lost star running backDarren McFadden, and without him, it is unlikely that they will winthe division.

AFC Wild Card: The Steelers are one of the best teams in theAFC, and even if they fail to win the division, they will likelyclaim a wild card spot. The teams eligible for the other spot arethe Jets, Bengals, Titans and Raiders. Of these teams, the mostlikely to get in is Cincinnati. Despite being in the NFC North, theBengals are expected to win at least half of their remaining gamesand make the playoffs.

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