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Amy Garner

The Voodoo Experience started as Voodoo Music Festival in 1999as a one-day festival with three stages and 8,000 people inattendance. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Voodoo MusicExperience moved to Memphis, Tenn., but still held a free concertfeaturing Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age in NewOrleans for first responders, returning residents and volunteers.The following year, the festival returned to New Orleans in fullforce. Attendance skyrocketed to 100,000 fans. In 2007, Voodooexpanded to three days and lost the “Music” in the title.

Each year the festival grows in size and star power. Since thefestival’s birth in 1999, Voodoo has hosted more than 500 artistsand 1 million fans. This year, the festival boasts six stages andmore than 150 bands, with more musicians added as the first daydraws near.

Survival of all 37 hours of this three-day outdoor musicfestival is a cause for bragging rights. Festival attendees are infor a wild experience as the weather is always unpredictable onHalloween weekend in New Orleans. In 2009, a cold front blewthrough Friday night, turning the entire festival in to a mud pit.Rain boots and a backpack loaded with an umbrella, sweater andspace for purchases are highly recommended.

Voodoo offers a Custom Schedule feature on its website andiPhone and Android apps, where attendees can design their ownschedule. It’s impossible to keep stage names and times straightwhile double-fisting beers, so put in the work early. You’ll behappier for it.

Don’t forget to check out the vendors and art installations.There are new booths every year with some amazing finds. StefanBeese and Voodoo founder Stephen Rehage curate the interactive artinstallation exhibition. Be sure to stop by the Tulane UniversityPavilion, a conceptual art installation designed by our very ownarchitecture program. WTUL will also have a booth onsite where theradio hosts will interview various Voodoo artists throughout theweekend.

Parking is available, for a price, at City Park and DelgadoCommunity College. Tulane will also provide free shuttles on thehour to and from the festival. If you opt for street parking, payclose attention to parking zone signs. Parking laws are heavilyenforced during the festival, so avoid the parking ticketbuzzkill.


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