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Adele McConnell

One year anniversaries are typically celebrated with bouquets offlowers or congratulations from the investment board. They makenewlyweds wonder how 12 months zipped by so quickly and allow youngcompany owners to relax. Rarely are these occasions celebrated witha concert. And even more unusual is one celebrated withearth-shattering bass music.

Behold BASSIK: New Orleans’ premiere dubstep event. Thrown byWinter Circle Productions every month at Republic, the partyfeatures some of the world’s most talented dubstep, grime, glitchand crunk producers, and each show is rowdier than the last. Sincethe party started one year ago, BASSIK has brought more than 40artists to New Orleans, the most notable of which include Datsik,Eskmo, Nit Grit, Reid Speed, Mimosa, Nosaj Thing, 12th Planet andExcision.

Any artist who’s graced the BASSIK stage knows that the crowdwants one thing and one thing only: a performer who won’t just turnup the intensity – one who will make it skyrocket. Without a doubt,BASSIK artists always deliver on this demand; they have no probleminstigating a rage fest that makes the walls of Republic tremblewith bass until the early hours of the morning. Trust me, you’llwish you made good on that urge to dance on one of the subs afterleaving one of these parties.

Luckily for New Orleans, BASSIK will celebrate its one yearanniversary at 9 p.m. Thursday at Republic. Some serious heavyhitters are on the roster: UK-based producers Nero and CookieMonsta, as well as New Orleans’ own Shanook and Unicorn Fukr. Theshow promises to be a massive one, so buy your ticket now, leavethe glowsticks at home and rage until dawn at the best anniversaryparty you’ll ever attend.


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