#WaveCrushWednesday: Greenie Gals


Tess Riley, Sports Editor

The Greenie Gals is a group of down-to-earth women who love sports and the Green Wave. They support the spirit groups at Tulane including the Tulane University Marching Band, the Shockwave Dance Team and cheerleaders, among others. The Greenie Gals’ goal is to have fun watching games with other like-minded ladies, and spread their infectious enthusiasm.
What is it about Tulane and Green Wave athletics that inspires you to be such dedicated fans?
Our members all either grew up as Tulane fans, married a fan or they are moms of athletes or students who perform on Gameday. Tulane Greenwave was a big deal in New Orleans before the Saints and gamedays in Uptown were a city-wide community event. So we have lots of members who do not have a school affiliation with Tulane. I personally grew up supporting them and then ended up graduating from there, and now teaching there. We just love supporting the players and the students.
What are some of your favorite events that you are involved in throughout the year?
We love tailgating for football and baseball, and of course watching the games!  We also love having lunch or happy hours with former lettermen and hearing their stories. Some of our favorite volunteer activities are supporting the band with a dinner during their camp and our Pre Season Tea had a really great run.  And in the spring the Greenwave Club hosts a Golf Classic where Tulane’s Pro Athletes come back, so we’ve gotten to volunteer and meet legends like Matt Forte, Cairo Santos and Mewelde Moore.
What are some of your best Green Wave tailgating tips?
Rotate volunteers for set up and plan a theme for each game. It makes it easier to plan drinks and food. Have a Potluck sign up list, as you don’t need everyone bringing the same dish. Decorate in Green and Blue, from the centerpiece to the napkins. Especially cups! Nothing worse than red solo cups. And wear a cute and comfortable gameday dress!
What is your favorite game day attire?
We love the cute skirts and leggings by Tulane student Corey Bloomberg on her Red Bubble shop! My personal favorite is my blue pants with a long sleeved green shirt and riding boots..but only when it’s chilly!
What would you like to see the football team achieve this season?
We would love to see another bowl game! But we love what we’re seeing from Coach Fritz and the team already!
What are some of the benefits of being involved in a female-organized booster club?
There is so much camaraderie beyond just watching games. We support each other through life’s ups and downs as well. Every member shares their own set of skills and accomplishments, and we happily accept all ladies; as long as they love the Green Wave. We have really enjoyed getting to know the wives of our coaches and Athletic administration as well as the moms and wives of our athletes. They have a unique view on the rich history our sports programs. And did we mention we like to shop? So we always keep an eye out for cute TU merchandise around town or green/blue combo stuff to add to our Gameday closets.

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