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Alessandro Powell

Janelle Mon??e will headline the Tulane University CampusProgramming’s first ever “green” fall concert at 8 p.m. Oct. 10 inMcAlister Auditorium. Campus Consciousness, a national organizationthat promotes environmental awareness on college campuses, is alsosponsoring the concert. The concert will also feature the band Fun.and Timothy Bloom.

The TUCP committee chose Janelle Mon??e after it found out thatits first choice, the folk-rock group Fleet Foxes, would not beplaying live shows this fall.

“Everyone was upset when [Fleet Foxes] couldn’t do it,” TUCPconcerts co-chair Ben Davis said.

The TUCP concerts committee said it chose Mon??e because itbelieved that she was the best available option.

“Everyone on campus could pretty much agree on [Janelle Mon??e],”Davis said.

TUCP said it hopes to land Fleet Foxes for this year’s springconcert.

“In the past, we have been blasted for bringing in [lots of]rappers,” TUCP concerts co-chair Ben Maroe said. We’d like to breakaway from that.”

In the last three years TUCP brought Lupe Fiasco, the Roots, KidCudi and Snoop Dogg.

“The committee acts to represent the Tulane student body,” Davissaid.

TUCP continued to bring rap music to Tulane’s campus because ofthe continued interest of the student body.

“People like rappers,” sophomore Mike Imburgio said.

TUCP feels that they found a middle ground between Snoop Doggand Fleet Foxes for its fall concert in Janelle Mon??e.

“The last time I saw Janelle Mon??e was in Bruff Commons,”Imburgio said. “I’m looking forward to the live experience.”

Davis said that the fall concert’s collaboration with CampusConsciousness provides a unique opportunity to bring in an entirelygreen concert to campus.

Tulane has an active Green Club on campus, and it has madeseveral steps toward on-campus recycling in the last year.

“I’m down with the environment,” sophomore Robert Hinson said.”A lot of people claim to be environmentally aware, but justaren’t.”

During and after the concert, Campus Consciousness willadvertise and market green technology, Britta filters and Ben &Jerry’s ice cream.


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