DJs Flume and Hermitude Proved They’re Still “On Top” at Orpheum Theater Show

Chloe Cristian, Staff Reporter

This past Wednesday, Sept. 14, the Orpheum Theater showcased
Australian disc jockey Flume’s world tour.

Hermitude, the opener, hit the stage first. Playing with percussion, electric guitar, accordion and computer technology, the duo introduced both its new music and performed some of its past hits, such as “The Buzz.” The fluorescent blue lights gave the stage a smoky aura, and intensified the intimate atmosphere. The DJs remixed their past hits, introducing new rap collaborations within their bass-­amplified sets. Shifting between electric guitar ballads to head banging drops, Hermitude lifted and excited the crowd enough for Flume to hit the stage.

Wearing a simple white button down shirt, the headliner arrived on stage late into the evening. Standing behind a glowing DJ booth, the atmosphere shifted from colors of soft purple and blue to bright red and yellows.

To start up the show, Flume opened with its hit, “On Top” featuring T.­Shirt. From the exciting buildup to the intense drop, the DJ was backed by vibrant visuals and computer art. The screen behind it projected images ranging from symmetrical cubes to flashing images of pop-colored comics. The screen blended perfectly with the set match, as the art balanced the emotions of the music with images of its colorful album cover, “Skin.”

Flume then shifted in between albums, playing its remix of Disclosure’s hit “You & Me,” as well as fan-favorites like “Sleepless” and “Insane.” The Vic Mensa verse of “Smoke & Retribution,”  had audience members singing along with vigor and confidence. The vibrant pulse of songs like “Say It” and “Never Be Like You,” had the crowd dancing and swaying in magical sync.

The enclosed venue allowed for the sounds to echo off the walls and increase in volume, and the thumping beat of Flume’s drops combined with hypnotizing lights gave the concert a magical feel. The DJ seemed to feel this energy too, as it remarked several times, “New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.” So much so, Flume stayed to do an upbeat and exciting encore for the grateful crowd.

The Orpheum Theatre proved immensely successful in housing numbers of Tulane students and their night out. With art, music and true performance genius, Flume owned New Orleans for the night.

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