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Taxes are on nearly everyone’s mind at this time of year. Evenif you’ve already filed and paid what you owe or received yourrefund, you’re probably still thinking about ways you could havechanged your income, donations or even your filing status to garnera better outcome.

Since your brain is already on the topic of taxes, why not startthinking ahead for the next tax season, and begin considering howdeductions like donating your car might help you out next year?

You can make a donation for tax purposes at any time during thecalendar year and declare it on your 2011 taxes next spring. to learn more about how you can support a charity ofyour choice, as well as earn a car donation tax deduction.

Whether your car breaks down, it’s been sitting in a drivewayfor months or you’re ready for a newer model, you can donate it tobe sold to support a charity of your choice – like United Way, USOand Boy Scouts of America, to name a few. A licensed, bonded andinsured towing company will pick it up right from your drivewaywithin 24 to 48 hours of you naming the charity you want tosupport. willaccept any motorized vehicle or vessel for donation. If youdiscover this spring after the snow has melted for the season thatyou just didn’t use your snowmobile enough to warrant storing itfor another summer, donating it can be a lot easier than trying tosell it with no snow on the ground. Boats and RVs are also acceptedfor donations.

When you donate a car, you can claim fair market value for thevehicle you’re donating (up to $500). If the vehicle sells for morethan that, you will receive an IRS Form 1098-C with that saleamount in the mail, allowing you to deduct a greater amount on yourtaxes.

Donating your car now, while you’re thinking about it, will helpto clear your driveway of an unwanted vehicle and give you ajumpstart on lowering your taxable income for this year – whichwill come in handy next spring when you start calculating your 2011taxes.

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