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Students exercise the freedom to gather for important issues.

OPINION | Students must pay attention to Southern anti-abortion laws

Mary Grace Granito, Contributing Columnist October 6, 2021

As a Louisiana native, I am not surprised by the recent Texas law which prohibits abortion access after six weeks. Abortion access has been under fire here for as long as I can remember.  But for...

With the tightening of abortion laws, bodily autonomy in Louisiana only applies to COVID-19 measures.

OPINION | My body, Louisiana’s choice

Kaitlin Lowe, Contributing Columnist September 29, 2021

Texas recently signed a law that outlaws abortion after six weeks into a pregnancy. This is before many women even know they are pregnant. As other Southern states like Florida debate similar restrictions,...

Abortion rights tighten with passage of Amendment 1 in Louisiana

Abortion rights tighten with passage of Amendment 1 in Louisiana

Jessie Lehman, Staff Reporter December 4, 2020

For Louisiana residents, Nov. 3 was not just a consequential election in terms of the presidential race. While many felt that Joe Biden’s win was a victory for women’s rights, residents of Louisiana...

Examining portrayals of abortion in television

Examining portrayals of abortion in television

Hannah May-Powers, Arcade Editor September 2, 2020

In the 48 years since the first character on American primetime television received an abortion, a lot has changed. Not only was Roe v. Wade ratified, but conversations around bodily autonomy in general...

Czars Trinidad | Layout Editor

States are abusing the coronavirus pandemic to restrict reproductive justice

LaKia Williams, Contributing Writer April 1, 2020

LaKia Williams is the communications and outreach coordinator for ReJAC NOLA, a fellow for MyLASexEd, an advisor on the student activist advisory committee for ASEC, and the founder and coordinator of...

Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

Letter to the Editor: Don’t stigmatize a woman’s right to choose self-managed abortion

Lily Milwit October 16, 2019

Lily Milwit is a second-year student at Georgetown Law School and a Tulane ‘18 graduate. She previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of The Tulane Hullabaloo. Dear Editor, The Tulane Hullabaloo...


Louisiana laws will lead to life-threatening self-managed abortions

Isabelle Lian, Contributing Writer October 2, 2019

Isabelle is a Newcomb College Institute Reproductive Rights & Reproductive Health intern and a Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast intern. As abortion restrictions sweep across Louisiana, many are growing...


Tulane students participate in fights for reproductive justice

Megan Garcia, Intersections Editor September 1, 2019

Over the summer, changes to women’s and transgender people’s rights were happening in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. This past state legislative, running from April through June, saw the passage...

Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

Federal Courts and Louisiana Legislature Attack Women’s Rights

Michael Chen, General Associate January 31, 2019

As of this Monday, abortion physicians throughout the state of Louisiana are required to obtain “admitting privileges” from nearby hospitals thanks to Louisiana House Bill 388: Unsafe Abortion...

Tulane should not allow pro-life movies like Roe v Wade to film on campus

Tulane should not allow pro-life movies like “Roe v Wade” to film on campus

Sanjali De Silva, Senior Staff Reporter September 13, 2018

When Tulane was too “busy” to film an anti-abortion movie on campus this summer, they got awfully lucky. What happens on this campus and is endorsed by our administration is a direct reflection of...

The Richardson Building was established in 1894. Richardson Memorial is a five story brick and limestone building. It is a  example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style building. It was one of the first buildings to be constructed on the new campus.

Film “Roe v. Wade” to begin production on Tulane’s campus

Taylor DeMulling and Canela López June 20, 2018

"1973," an independent film directed by Tulane University alumnus Nick Loeb, was set to begin filming in the greater New Orleans area last Friday, on sets including Tulane's Uptown campus. According...

Pro-life movement should shift toward support for mothers and families, away from agitation

Quinn Burke, Associate Views Editor April 25, 2018

The pro-life movement itself rests on an uneasy contradiction. The same people who cry for the rights and safety of the unborn seem to forget about their existence after birth. Pro-life supporters mostly...

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