The Tulane Hullabaloo

Airing of Grievances: Back from abroad

Burke Joslin, Staff Reporter

February 28, 2019

Dear Tulane Community,You’re in danger. I don’t have much time to explain, but please, for your own safety, heed what I’m about to tell you. Lock your doors, hide your booze, make your Instagram private and, for the ...

Airing of Grievances: Satire Literalists

September 26, 2017

Dear Satire Literalists,Regular readers of The Hullabaloo will know we run this "Airing of Grievances" column weekly. It is designed to offer a humorous, witty and sometimes satirical take on a [sometimes questionably] relevant...

Airing of Grievances: Freshman 15

August 22, 2017

Dear Freshman 15,How are you still a thing? In an age of body positivity and self-empowerment it baffles my mind that your gloomy prophecy of weight gain still exists. You’re tacky and I hate you.Surrounded by delectab...

Airing of Grievances: The Hullabaloo, the Eyes and Ears of the Tulane Community

April 29, 2017

Dear Hungry Hungry Hullabaloo,Our time together is drawing to an end, and there are a few things I need to get off my chest. It may be uncouth, or straight up uncool to call you out so publicly, but it's not like anyone is...

Airing of Grievances: UberEATS

Tyler Mead, Senior Staff Reporter

November 17, 2016

Dear UberEATS,When I said I wished Uber could deliver me and a pizza to my house, I was joking.You're here now though, and things are off to a rocky start between us. You misread a joke, and now you exist. It's kind ...

Airing of grievances: voter apathy

November 2, 2016

Dear Apathetic Youth,At this point, less than a week out from election day, I know you've heard it all before: you need to vote! Voting will help people other than yourself! Voting can change the world! Voting is a key aspect...