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OPINION | Tulane’s summer reading choice glosses over campus rape culture

Hannah Levitan, Contributing Columnist September 29, 2021

Content Warning: The following article contains subject matter pertaining to sexual violence. Tulane University frequently boasts their ranking in top 10 happiest students, painting an illusion...


Sexual abuse resources are neglecting victims of the Internet Age

Wash Fields, Contributing Writer January 30, 2020

The internet makes forming deep connections with people you’ve never met not only possible but also, for younger generations, expected. Online gaming, social media and online communities of niche interests...

Forgiving my rapist, on restorative justice at Tulane

Forgiving my rapist, on restorative justice at Tulane

Anonymous December 4, 2019

Content Warning: Please be advised that this article contains content related to sexual assault and rape. It was a Thursday night. I was not planning on going out at all, rather, I had assignments to...

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