Judah Friedlander brings hats to campus

Tyler Mead, Print Arcade Editor

World champ and hat connoisseur Judah Friedlander will be performing Wednesday in Mcalister Auditorium.

As part of the tour for his latest book, “If the Raindrops United: Drawings and Cartoons,” Friedlander will grace Tulane with his enormous comedic presence. Best known for his role on “30 Rock” as the slobbish nerd Frank Rossitano and a rather eclectic film career, Friedlander lones himself to the class of comedy greats. 

“If the Raindrops United” is a collections of drawings and comics Friedlander made himself. This is a departure from Friedlander’s traditional comedy style since he’s first and foremost a stand-up comic.

Friedlander’s style predominantly consists of his deadpan delivery of personal “facts.” In his stand-up he’s been known to declare himself master of karate, time traveler and future best president ever. Students can expect Friedlander to be his usual bizarre, and impressively stone-faced, self Wednesday night. 

With primaries in full swing, Tulane should be in for a treat. Friedlander has never had issues pointing his styling towards the political realm. As a friend of Tina Fey, it’s highly unlikely Friedlander would miss such soft targets as Trump and Hillary, or fumble such a goldmine. 

Any lover of “30 Rock” will be present Wednesday night, and honestly any comedy enthusiast not in attendance really lacks the right to hold such a title. For those unfamiliar with Friedlander’s work, if for no other reason go to see which hat he’s wearing.

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