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Poetry at the Movies: Ramblings of a Mixed Kid

Canela Lopez | Staff Artist

Canela Lopez | Staff Artist

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I do not understand.

To be driven from your home.

Stripped of your humanity.

After all,

“You knew better.”

To hate is to be taught to hate


“Knowing” weighs heavily.

And heavier still,

The safety of the souls we hold dearest

That I can not think

For myself

But for everyone who connects me

To me

Selflessness is exhausting


Trust is so delicate,

So urgent.

Demanding to be heard.




“You’re just being paranoid”



Just the thought,

Sobers me.

Gives me pause.

Urging fear into strength



Is the taste of hope.



Then gone.

For a moment, I felt the kiss of the sun

How many pushes?



Till it’s too late

For apologies.

For forgiveness.

Test your own boundaries and leave mine the hell alone.


What is a brick?

But fear,

Or violence.



Intentions are lethal weapons too.


What are words?

But shots to the head.

Or through the wall,

By chance alone.

You meant to shoot to kill, admit it.


Walking the line,

Between faith & trust.

Hope & naïveté.

Google Maps can’t help you with this one.


Tension runs



And within.

There’s work to be done here.


“Bastard,” they spat.

You called me

Blamed me

For a battle

Called by yourselves

Fought by children

Expected to lose

To partake, attend

Like inventory, checked.

“Where were you?”



From the moment I drew my first breath.

Not asking, but demanding my humanity


Show the person

The people


She speaks all languages

And tongues

And demands to be heard.

It’s time to refocus.

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Student newspaper serving Tulane University, Uptown New Orleans
Poetry at the Movies: Ramblings of a Mixed Kid