Barbara Greenbaum House at Newcomb Lawn officially dedicated Saturday

Robert Marchini, Staff Reporter

Distanced from the excitement on the Lavin-Bernick Center Quad for Tulane’s first on-campus football game in almost 40 years, Tulane’s newest residence hall, the Barbara Greenbaum House at Newcomb Lawn, was dedicated Saturday. The Board of Tulane released the name of the building in March in honor of Jerry Greenbaum’s lead donation to fund its construction. The Greenbaums met in the 1960s during their time at Tulane and Newcomb College. 

Tulane alumni, friends, faculty and dignitaries such as President Michael Fitts, President Emeritus Scott Cowen, Chair of the Board Darryl Berger and Newcomb-Tulane College Dean James MacLaren were all in attendance in the first floor conference room of the new building, as well as over 100 friends and family of Jerry and Barbara Greenbaum. Berger introduced the building by saying it was designed to appeal to the modern student.

“This is an innovative and distinct building,” Berger said. “It’s built to fit the needs of 21st century students.”

Fitts said the residence hall represents the ideals of Tulane.

“This residential facility really sets the standard at Tulane,” Fitts said. “It deepens what we’re about at Tulane. It’s a residence, but also a place where faculty can interact with students, and students can engage with one another.”

Fitts said he admires the Greenbaums’ personal character and their dedication to Tulane and public service.

“This residence hall is not only the future of residence halls on this campus, but reflects the traditions of Tulane and your love for each other,” Fitts said. “We really are indebted to both of you, for all that you’ve done, your generosity and your devotion to Tulane.”

Berger then presented a resolution of the Board of Tulane, in which the Board recognized the Greenbaums and dedicated the building to them.

“Now therefore let it be resolved,” Berger said. “In recognition of their exemplary devotion to one another, to their alma mater, and to their provision for the well-being of Tulanians, present and future, the president, faculty, students and staff of Tulane University do hereby dedicate the Barbara Greenbaum House at Newcomb Lawn, and express their enduring gratitude and appreciation to Barbara and Jerry Greenbaum.”

Barbara Greenbaum proceeded to speak in acceptance of the honor, saying she was honored to have the opportunity to join the namesakes of Newcomb College buildings.

“Most buildings on [Newcomb’s] campus are named after family members of Josephine Louise’s family,” Greenbaum said. “My hope is that if Ms. Newcomb were alive today that she would welcome me into this special group.”

Greenbaum went on to say that she was very excited to leave a legacy not only to Tulane, but to her family as well. She praised the magic of New Orleans and the architecture of the building. She said the location of Greenbaum will allow it become a campus landmark. 

“One thing about my [residence hall] is that it’ll be easy to find,” Barbara Greenbaum said. “It’s next to The Boot, and everyone knows where that is.”

After Greenbaum’s remarks, Fitts and Berger presented the Greenbaums with an oil painting of the building as a gift of gratitude. 

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