Airing of Grievances: Bruff Humor

Alex Calloway, Staff Reporter

Jacob Arroyo | Contributing Artist

Dear “Raw Chicken” Punchlines,

Did you know every time a Bruff joke rings, a meme account gets its wings?

Everyone has heard them. Forget the AutoNation Cure Bowl – Tulane’s most popular sport is seeing how many words it takes to deliver the same thesis: “Bruff is bad.” The jokes stopped being even remotely funny after the first two weeks of class, but that doesn’t stop every guy named Brad majoring in finance to crack a cauliflower quip in between songs at The Boot.

But more than being unfunny, these types of jokes highlight a serious issue on Tulane’s campus. And no, it isn’t that Bruff deserves to be torn down and that your new thousand-WaveBuck meal plan will fix everything. It’s that, in the face of what is, for some students, the most well-rounded and nutritionally enriching food supply they’ve ever had, the Tulane community fails to acknowledge the implications of a joke rooted in extreme privilege.

If students really seek to create a more inclusive environment, why are there posts on Facebook pages asking for a “no-swipe” meal plan? Why is accessibility uncool? This is not to deny that there are improvements to be made to Bruff, of course. But to call for the complete termination of the Sodexo contract over the occasional misstep is an overreaction, as well as a perfect demonstration of why classism remains such a prevailing problem.

Ultimately, you pick on good ol’ Simple Servings because you either don’t like the food, or just want to feel morally superior. Let’s address the former first: At Bruff, the world is your oyster. I know you just got back from a hard day at Long Calculus I, but more options exist than pizza. Experiment! Live a little!

Still, some people think it’s harmless to poke fun at Bruff. To them, I’ll say this: Sodexo works tirelessly for you. Regardless of department, the same faces will be cleaning up your hungover messes for your entire college career. Are students not at all concerned with what would happen if the Sodexo contract was terminated and these workers were kicked to the curb?

Listen, I know it’s frustrating that Daddy’s tuition money doesn’t buy you a Michelin-star meal daily, but some students are really grateful for Bruff. It’s just sad that respecting service employees is less fundamental to Tulane culture than rehashing stale memes.

Also, stop stealing my waffle fries, you vultures.


Happy & Hungry

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